• Temperature sensor

    temperature sensor is use the changing of resistance when the material's temperature up and down to measure the temperature. the temerature sensor widly use in petroleum,chemical,machinery,metallurgy,electric power,textile, food and other industrial sectors and scientific technology fields.

    welcome to contact testeck, testeck focus on temperature sensor industry for 17 years. we can customized by your requirement.
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  • Power station temperature sensor

    1. Power station temperature sensors are used for temperature measurement of various parts of hydro-generators (such as upper guide bearing bush, thrust bearing bush, lower guide bearing bush, water guide bearing bush, cold/hot air, water, oil pipeline, stator temperature measurement).

    2. We can customized according to customer requirements, using different more reasonable structural schemes for different occasions, and using high-quality chips. The laser welding technology is used to prevent the solder joints from loosening or falling off under strong vibration occasions, which effectively improves the stability of the measurement.

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  • Cable

    1. Rail transit cables involve the connection of electric power, control cables and related lines of EMUs. High temperature cable-this cable is used in the monitoring and monitoring of electronic instruments, electrical devices, locomotives, automobiles and other fields such as aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, etc., suitable for various harsh environments.

    2. Wide temperature range, excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance, high thermal life, nuclear radiation resistance, high wear resistance, Light weight, small size, light weight, high softness, In the event of a fire, it can reduce the harm to people and improve the safety of transportation. For cables with or without sheath, the insulation and sheath are made of halogen-free materials. In the event of a fire, this unit product can limit the spread of flames, reduce the emission of toxic gases and smoke, reduce the loss of visibility, and enable people to evacuate quickly.

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About Us

Testeck Co., Ltd mainly in the temperature monitoring system, special cable and other fields to do in-depth research and development. Since its establishment in Shenzhen in 2003, we have been providing customers with more and more comprehensive products, widely used in host manufacturers and large hydropower stations. Such as: Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, Harbin Electric, Tianjin GE, Voit, Three Gorges Group, Huadian Group, Huaneng Group, Guodian Group, Datang Group, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Gezhouba Hydropower station and so on. Testeck always ensures that the temperature resistance used by customers in the equipment is reliable and accurate. For more than ten years, the company has continuously invested resources in the research and development, design, application and other work of the motor temperature sensor, and has achieved many significant technical achievements. In particular, the scientific research project of " Integrated Molding Process and Application of Large Generator group Temperature sensor" USES advanced insulating material processing technology to process various shapes of insulating pad, and adopts integrated high temperature and high pressure molding patented technology for one-time molding.
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