Cable pre-branches of hydropower station

Cable pre-branches of hydropower station     

Product description 

The cable of the sensor in the oil tank is placed in the pre-branches of the corrugated pipe. The pre-branches of the cable are laid outside the oil tank, and then the temperature sensor is installed. The cables outside the oil tank are fixed, and it is not necessary to rewire during maintenance.


It is applied in the wiring of the sensor outside the oil tank of hydroelectric generating set.


• Wiring structure is compact, featuring convenient to installation and easy maintenance.

• The cable can be fixed outside the oil tank for a long time, so it only needs to disconnect the connector and replace the sensor during maintenance, which greatly improves the maintenance efficiency.

• The cable length and branch cable length can be customized according to the size of the unit.

• It is protected by a stainless steel metal hose, which avoids any mechanical damage of conductor and facilitates wiring on site.

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