Bearing bush temperature sensor

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  • Suspension connector is specially designed for quick connection, convenient overhaul, rapid wiring of the sensor signal cable of the hydro-generator and improving work efficiency.

  • quick connector temperature sensor
    Quick connector of Testeck temperature sensor can effectively resist vibration and impact and prevent the disconnection caused by pulling the cable.

  • split junction box temperature sensor
    Testeck junction box structure temperature sensor F12Pt100-200-3220/F04 can be disassembled without shutdown, and the sensor can be disassembled quickly. The junction box structure temperature sensor is used in the measuring points of air temperature, water pipeline and oil pipeline.

  • end face resistance temperature sensor
    Temperature measurement shall be carried out close to the surface of the object to be measured. With accurate temperature measurement and vertical installation, it is used for temperature measurement of thrust pad, stator winding, iron core, pressure finger and enclosed bus shell.

  • spindle seal temperature sensor
    For the temperature measurement of the spindle seal of the water turbine, it can realize the outgoing of single lines of the oil groove wall and the water tank wall without connection required.

  • Armored RTD
    Applied in monitoring thrust pad and oil temperature of water turbine. In response to the oil flow impact under complex conditions, the sheathed wire conductor protection device can prevent the hard damage caused by mechanical vibration.

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